Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (2½ - 6 Years)

Course Description

MMI Academy's, Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (2½ - 6 Years) provides course learners with the opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate the Montessori Curriculum for young children. The inquiry-based and child-centred Montessori Programme fosters and encourage self-help skills and independence even among children.

Why the Montessori Method?

Child developmental strategies developed by Dr Maria Montessori provided the foundation for active learning for tomorrow. The 'Whole' Child approach allows children to experience the joy of learning, while Montessori pedagogy takes full advantage of their innate desire to explore, experiment, discuss and develop the skills needed for the child fullest potential.


With 30 years of rich and deep rooted experiences in Montessori Education, MMI Academy's Montessori manuals are comprehensive and the program equips our students with the solid foundation of Montessori. MMIA mission is to advance Human Potential by integrating quality educational service and professional excellence

Becoming A Montessori Specialist

Set yourself apart from other educarers with the knowledge of Montessori Method of education and become a specialist in preparing a rounded learning environment for early childhood. The combination of theory and hands on approach you will experience will allow you to make a difference in the lives of little ones.

Why Study Diploma In Montessori with us?

MMI Academy’s comprehensive and up to date course will prepare you for a life-changing experience!

Up to date Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum and courseware are updated and aligned to the latest pedagogy in Montessori Education.

Interactive & hands-on

The programs offered are hands-on approach, giving learners the opportunity to work with the Montessori materials in a safe environment.

Learn from the Industry Experts

Our passionate and dedicated trainers will impart their years of knowledge and experience to you.

Career Advancement

The training you receive will lead you to progress in your career. The ever growing Montessori industry exerts demand for trained Montessori teachers, locally and internationally.

Structured Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed using latest instructional design and delivered through structured facilitation.

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